Even with all the experience, every search is as individual as the company’s employees, its history and its particular situation. As a result, each search begins with a visit to the firm concerned. During this visit we form a picture of the company, as well as of the employee and the people to whom the person would report. We also evaluate the job and the responsibilities entailed, as well as agree the exact procedure with the client. We then submit a detailed procedure and a binding cost structure. Once the client has given his approval, a targeted search can begin. This involves approaching potential candidates through direct research, social media, placing advertisements in the internet as well as contacting suitable candidates from our data bank. This gives rise to a sufficiently wide choice of candidates. Generally-speaking we interview around 10 people for the position in question.
After all of the interviews have been carried out, we then draw up a short-list with the aim of presenting the client with 4 to 5 potential candidates. The applicants to be invited to the first round of official interviews are selected in a personal discussion with the client, during which we also establish the further procedure. We are responsible for organising the interviews. If the client so desires, we are present during the interviews so that we can form an exact picture of each candidate. The second round of interviews takes place with 2 to 3 applicants and serves to complete the overall picture of each interviewee. Already during this phase we have pinpointed the personality, character, potential and capabilities of each applicant by means of references, tests, assessments or reports, which enables us to guide and support the decision.

The Human factor


We create relationships that provide the basis for many years of successful cooperation for both parties. The targeted persons not only need to have the required training, skills and experience. Equally important is the cultural fit. Because only those who belong together will stay together and exploit their potential. We are well connected internationally, with over 1400 followers from around the world on LinkedIn, the doors are wide open for us.


For more than 20 years we have been searching for specialists and management. With a targeted multi-search approach, we succeed in successfully building long-term engagements. Due to this success, very long-term partnerships with clients arise. Whether executive search, personnel consulting or headhunting, we have the necessary experience to make your search a success.


You can rely on our expertise. Our references speak for themselves. We have made recruitment in the following sectors: Mechanical engineering, Plant engineering, Special machinery, Automation, Robotics, Electronics, Steel trade, Metalworking, Construction, Building industry, Climate, Retail, Wholesale, Multichannel, Interior design, Carpet, Floor coverings, Automotive, Chemical, FMCG, ICT, Reinsurance, Auditing, Trust office, Art Trading, Powersport, Business Consulting.

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